It’s never too late to start an intentional career


I built a successful marketing career over 20 years. I started as a specialist, advanced to a manager, senior manager and director. I was a high performer—always in the top quadrant and received glowing reviews from executives, managers, peers and direct reports. While I had many accomplishments as a marketer and leader, I also made significant mistakes and missteps.

Looking back (and yes hindsight is 20/20), I realize that I had an organic career. I took jobs because a recruiter contacted me or a former colleague told me about an opening. I was flattered to be considered, proud of my strong network and believed they were “meant to be.”

I didn’t (and this is hugely ironic as I made career development a focus for all of my team members) have a career vision. I didn’t take the time to ask what motivated me, what I wanted to learn, how I wanted to grow and what direction I wanted to go. I didn’t set the most important criteria for roles or companies. And here’s the problem: in the absence of these critical pieces of information, I reverse engineered criteria based on the opportunity at hand. I didn’t have an objective benchmark to refer to—and made some bad decisions.

While most of the roles were fantastic, the companies weren’t always a great fit for me. Hmmmm, that’s an understatement—let me rephrase: some of them were just plain WRONG. Some didn’t have high quality products, some created a negative environment and some made bad decisions over and over again.

Knowing what I know now, I would approach things differently. I would build an intentional career. I would invest the time to determine my North Star, establish the criteria most important to me and set career goals. And the good news for you, is that you can do this now! It is never too late to start an intentional career. When you change your approach, you WILL change your outcomes. Even if you’ve had a rewarding career to date, you can create an even more fulfilling role.

This is what I love to do with my clients. We partner together to determine the criteria that’s most important to them, define their next career move, create an actionable plan, focus efforts and achieve their goals! They not only get the job they want and deserve, but also adopt the framework to build an intentional career.

I recently hosted a 20-minute webinar that covers the approach and steps you can take to create a more meaningful and fulfilling career. Please watch and let me know what stands out for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn about your career goals.