I truly love my job!

“I appreciated the step-by-step approach to a successful career search and being able to apply the lessons immediately.  Julie instilled the growth mindset and confidence I needed to apply for jobs that I truly wanted and not just the ones that were offered to me.  I am extremely grateful for the skills I gained from the program.  Now I’m in a dream job with a higher title, significant bump in salary and most importantly, I truly love my job!”

— Carrie D, Senior Technical Program Manager
Fortune 50 Company

Matt R, Director of Finance


“This was the first time I had to look for a job in years.  The program helped me define my career vision and the criteria for my ideal role and company. Julie supported me through my journey and helped me grow.  I developed a positive mindset, built my confidence and landed my dream job. It was the best thing I’ve done for my professional self.”

Michael N, Organizational leadership practitioner


“The Dream Job Catcher program was invaluable. The process guided me to create and realize my career vision. The expert coaching helped me successfully leverage my network, navigate informationals and master my interviewing skills. I received 3 excellent offers in a week and accepted one that was 35% above my salary. None of these roles were published—they were the result of my proactive networking and preparation. I highly recommend partnering with Dream Job Catcher to get your ideal role. “

Katherine F, Vice president of Operations


“I was at an impasse in my career.  I progressed to a high level over a few years, but reached the ceiling at my company.  I started to work with Dream Job Catcher to define a strategic move—aligning my experience, strengths, passions and goals.  I moved into a stellar role at a company that I’m proud of. I am making a big impact every day and feel fulfilled.  Dream Job Catcher not only helped me get an amazing job, but also helped me be more successful in all aspects of my life.”

Nick D, HR Leader

Fortune 100 Company

“My dream job seemed beyond my reach.  The program helped me realize my goal—while creating excitement and motivating me to take action. The most valuable part of coaching was the listening, encouragement and direction throughout my search.  Dream Job Catcher provided the extra ingredient to cross the goal line.  The program changed my life and helped me move to a wonderful and fruitful career trajectory.  It is the most valuable investment that I have made in myself.”

Daniel M, Director of Program Management
Fortune 50

“Before the program, I dreaded networking. But once I learned how to approach it strategically, I not only got comfortable, but also integrated it into my professional life. Julie expertly guided me through the job search process and boosted my confidence. She keenly understood my career vision and developed a strategy to achieve it. I am eternally grateful for her coaching, advice and guidance that helped me get an amazing job in a matter of weeks.”

Wayne A, Senior IT Leader


“I was disheartened after a long and fruitless job search.  Things quickly turned around once I started Dream Job Catcher.  Julie is an excellent listener, motivator, communicator and a caring coach.  I not only consider her my coach, but also a close friend. The program helped reignite my passion and gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence to achieve my dream job.  I now have a great role with supportive bosses, stellar colleagues at an amazing company.  I am incredibly thankful for this program.”

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