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Hi, I’m Julie Chase.

I spent 20 years in the tech industry as a marketing leader — building and leading high performing teams. I enjoyed many aspects of my career, but what I absolutely loved was developing talented people. Helping them define and achieve their career goals brought me great joy.

So I left the corporate world and co-founded Dream Job Catcher to do what I was most passionate about.

I’m a job search expert, coach and author. I’ve created the Dream Job Catcher Method™ that has helped 500+ people land jobs they love and thrive in. I share this proven method and actionable steps in my book Dream Job as well as our online job search course.

I’m a firm believer that exceptional careers should be the status quo and that every person can realize their potential and live their purpose. It’s my dream to help as many people as possible build an intentional career filled with jobs they love and thrive in!

Download Chapter 1 of my book Dream Job to gain everything you need to make a strategic career move.

Packed with the most effective job search strategies, techniques and tools, Dream Job will teach you all the steps you need to achieve your goals and uplevel your career.

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Comprehensive online course that teaches you how to land your dream job.

All the steps you need to achieve your goals and uplevel your career.

Working session with Julie to successfully achieve your career goals.

What clients are saying

Melissa D, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

"I don’t make career moves often, so I wanted to make sure that I was making the right one. Julie helped me gain clarity on what types of roles and companies to pursue. She also helped me tackle my search in a structured way and take the right steps to get results. My new job is fantastic! I’m doing what I love to do most, leading a stellar team and growing the business. I feel like I have wings – and am excited by all the opportunities to grow my career at this great company."

Inder B, Senior Director of Engineering

“Partnering with Julie, I learned the foundational steps and best practices that defined my approach to my job search. It was extremely helpful to have a sounding board to interpret feedback and make judgment calls. Julie supported me every step of the way by helping me stay focused and aligning my efforts on my career goals. I landed a fantastic opportunity at my dream company working on a domain that I am passionate about. I highly recommend working with Julie to get your ideal job.”

Jon C, Director of Sales

“Working with Julie was like always having a compass with me, pointing to my North Star. She was strategic, insightful and compassionate. The job search process is emotionally taxing – Julie helped pick myself up after any obstacles I faced. It was the perfect combination of motivation and tactical guidance. I found a role that suits me perfectly at a stellar company and increased my comp by 35%. Signing up for Dream Job Catcher was one of the best investments I’ve made.”

Krunal N, Head of Technical Program Management

"I was looking for a new job on and off for a year, but wasn’t getting any traction. Dream Job Catcher reignited my job search in a big way. Julie helped me define my career vision and goals, which expanded my search to jobs that excited me. Once I reset expectations and focused efforts, I got interviews at amazing companies. The outcome exceeded my wildest dreams. I now get to work on the most innovative products, earn the salary I deserve (100% increase) and have a more fulfilling career.”

Vivian L, Senior Product Marketing Manager

“The tools and framework from the program helped focus my efforts and evaluate roles with the key criteria for my dream job. The 1:1 coaching with Julie was incredibly valuable – gave me new perspectives and guidance throughout my journey. She also helped me approach interviewing as a two-way street where I assessed the team and company to see if they were the right fit for me. I’m so happy with my new job. I work with smart and collaborative colleagues, love the work I’m doing and am valued for my contributions.”

Kris Z, Director of Product Management

“The program gave me exactly what I needed: a structured approach to my job search, coaching to improve my interviewing and networking skills and support along the way. I appreciated Julie’s expertise and candid feedback on what I needed to improve. Networking works! I not only got referrals, but also learned about companies to determine if they were a good match for me. I’m happy with the results — landed a job that will stretch my skills and is aligned with my career goals.”

Jerry N, Vice President of Marketing Analytics & Insights

"Dream Job Catcher team was instrumental in my career move. Julie was an amazing coach and provided honest, timely and fact-based advice that helped me navigate the job search in a structured and purposeful way. Her commitment was unwavering – she helped me land my dream job at a company that shares my core values and advances my career. I highly recommend Dream Job Catcher to anyone who wants to uplevel their career.”

Ellis H, Partner Success Manager

"I joined Dream Job Catcher because I wasn’t getting traction. It was especially challenging because I wanted to make a change to a SaaS company and no one was familiar with my startup. Julie helped tell my story and prepare for interviews as well as overcome any gaps I had. She helped me negotiate better terms, which increased the offer by 30%. I love my new job — I get to work with great people, make a big impact and grow my career.”

Derek R, Senior Director, Partner Sales

“There’s great value in working with an expert who can truly help you assess the right opportunity. After working 1:1 with Julie, I got a 10X return on my investment. It was worth every penny! I have better work-life balance, a larger role with more visibility, am making more money and most importantly, my contributions are valued by my team and the greater company.”

Ben D, Manager, Product Management

“Julie helped set the foundation for a successful job search. She helped me determine what was most important to me in a role and company and learn how to network strategically to meet the right people, which was incredibly valuable. I’m thrilled with the results! I’m working on innovative products at an exciting company where I get to stretch and grow – and increased my comp by 30%. I’m so glad I invested in myself and my career and most importantly have built an intentional career.”

Anagha T, Manager, Senior Software Engineer

“I was a bit overwhelmed by all the recruiter outreach and had trouble deciding what to pursue. Julie the structure and framework to define what I was looking for and how to get it. The 1:1 with Julie was incredibly valuable, especially the negotiation. Having a partner and sounding board throughout the journey gave me the support and objective perspective I needed to land a job quickly. I feel great about my new job! The culture is positive, my manager is supportive and I get to work on cool and meaningful products.”

Kenneth M, Manager, Marketing Analytics & Insights

“I was looking for job search expertise and guidance. Julie helped me understand the importance of networking and how to approach it in a way that was authentic to me. She also helped me prepare for interviews. I’m extremely happy with the results! I’m not only in a strategic role at a unicorn company where I get to make a big impact, but I also increased my compensation by over 50%. Most importantly, I’ve made an intentional move and am on a great trajectory for the rest of my career."

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