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Whether you’re leading cross-functional initiatives, a business unit or a company — you have invested significant time, work and energy into your career.  So when you’re ready for your next move, you should give it the same level of consideration.  That’s where we come in.

We help high caliber leaders define their next career move — ensuring alignment between your goals, experience, strengths and passions.  Our proven job search program with tailored 1:1 coaching has helped hundreds of leaders like you get fulfilling roles at companies they love.


We’ve helped more than 250 clients get jobs they love going to every day.  They come from a wide range of roles, companies, industries and cities — but they have one thing in common: they are high caliber professionals.





Julie Chase

Julie’s mission is to help people increase their fulfillment and happiness — and she’s starting with what she is deeply passionate about: career building. She built an illustrious career over 20 years in startups, SMBs and Fortune 500s — leading high performing teams and helping people achieve their goals.

Julie helps clients build on their successful career by defining and achieving their next career goal. She coaches them to ask the right questions, develop new skills and gain confidence to get what they want. Julie is known for instilling a growth mindset, inspiring action and cultivating an open, honest and trusting space — with a touch of humor.


The perfect pair:
online training and 1:1 coaching

Our program is designed to help you tackle the job search process in a practical and effective way.  We provide winning frameworks, techniques, templates and best practices for you to land your dream job swiftly. It includes 1:1 coaching that is tailored to your unique experiences, strengths and needs.

We transform this overwhelming and daunting endeavor into a gratifying journey. You’ll receive the exceptional support, advice and coaching you need to be wildly successful.


"This was the first time I had to look for a job in years. The program helped me define my career vision and the criteria for my ideal role and company. Julie supported me through my journey and helped me grow. I developed a positive mindset, built my confidence and landed my dream job. It was the best thing I've done for my professional self."

— Matt R, Director of Finance, Startup

“I appreciated the step-by-step approach to a successful career search and being able to apply the lessons immediately. Julie instilled the growth mindset and confidence I needed to apply for jobs that I truly wanted and not just the ones that were offered to me. I am extremely grateful for the skills I gained from the program. Now I’m in a dream job with a higher title, significant bump in salary and most importantly, I truly love my job!”

— Carrie D, Sr Technical Program Manager, Fortune 50 Company

"I was at an impasse in my career. I progressed to a high level over a few years, but reached the ceiling at my company. I started to work with Dream Job Catcher to define a strategic move—aligning my experience, strengths, passions and goals. I moved into a stellar role at a company that I'm proud of. I am making a big impact every day and feel fulfilled. Dream Job Catcher not only helped me get an amazing job, but also helped me be more successful in all aspects of my life."

— Katherine F, VP of Operations, SMB

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