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We believe great careers are designed and intentional. That's why we created the most effective job search programs to help tech professionals find a job that ignites their purpose. 

500+ clients have landed jobs at the world's fastest growing tech companies including:

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"I don’t make career moves often, so I wanted to make sure that I was making the right one. The Dream Job Catcher program helped me gain clarity on what types of roles and companies to pursue. It also helped me tackle my search in a structured way and taking steps, bit by bit, to make progress.

My new job is fantastic! I’m doing what I love to do most, leading a stellar team and growing the business. I feel like I have wings – and am excited by all the opportunities to grow my career at this great company.”

— Melissa D, Global Head of Enterprise & eCom Partnerships, unicorn company

“After many years at a company, I was ready for change. I joined Dream Job Catcher because it was time for me to get intentional about the next step in my career.

I landed a fantastic opportunity at my dream company working on a domain that I am passionate about. I highly recommend partnering with Dream Job Catcher to get your ideal job.”

— inder B, Senior Director, Engineering, fortune 10

"One of the most valuable parts of the program was defining the most important criteria for my ideal role and company. The program showed me how to connect with key people, which led to an interview AND a stellar offer at my top target company.

The program was integral to my success and truly a life-changing experience. I got my dream role at a dream company!"

— Rodolpho F, head of marketing, unicorn company

"The most challenging part of my job search was making a major industry shift. It was difficult for people to understand why I wanted to move in a new direction mid career. Dream Job Catcher provided the structure, content and tools to be successful, especially the focus on establishing a growth mindset.

I felt like I had a true partner through every step of my journey. I am ecstatic about my new job!”

— Lisa s, Director, Corporate Engagement, nonprofit

“I was looking for a new job on and off for a year, but wasn’t getting any traction. Dream Job Catcher reignited my job search in a big way. The program helped me define my career vision and goals, which expanded my search to jobs that excited me.

The outcome exceeded my wildest dreams. I now get to work on one of the most innovative products in the market and am earning the salary I deserve.”

— krunal n, senior program leader, Unicorn company

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We are trusted experts who have helped hundreds of high caliber managers and executives in the tech industry define and land their desired next role — with intention and purpose. 

Our framework is centered around building an intentional career. With a combination of deep expertise, winning frameworks and robust tools and resources, our industry-leading programs are tailored to your specific career goals and aspirations. Using the Dream Job Catcher methodology, you will learn how to act with intention and land not only a job that you love but one that challenges and excites you every day.

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Executive Coaching program

The 1:1 Executive Program is tailored for tech professionals with 10+ years of experience in progressively senior positions. 

You’ve built a successful career — but are you on a path that inspires and excites you?

In this program, you’ll work directly with a seasoned coach to define your next strategic career move, identify opportunities aligned with your goals, strengths and experience — and most importantly, act with intention to land a job you love and thrive in.

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Uplevel job search program

The Accelerate Program is designed for tech professionals with ~5-15 years of work experience to help you land a more fulfilling job at a company you admire.

Our industry-leading program takes the stress and confusion out of the job search journey. It combines online training with the resources and expert guidance you need to master all steps of the job search process and land your dream job — without applying to a single job online.

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