Now is your moment to reach for more, be bigger and stake your claim. Now is your moment to invest in yourself and create that defining moment that will change the entire trajectory of your career. You can do this and we will be right there with you.

Everything you need is already within you.

Here is our oath to you

we will be your coach, your mentor, your advocate and your expert advisor through this journey. 

We’ll help you define your true north and transform it into an intentional career that will bring you the fulfillment you deserve. And we’ll do this by giving you all the knowledge, tools and pep talks you need to land your dream job. It’s out there waiting for you — you just need to take the first step. 

We’re experts in the tech job search market because we’ve spent our entire careers in this industry. We’ve helped 500+ people make big, strategic intentional career moves that changed the trajectory of their career journeys.

Consider us your personal job search teacher-coach-mentor-advisor-cheerleader-sage who will guide you towards a fulfilling career that is more than a job — it is your calling.

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Julie has that rare combination of intuition, brilliance and compassion, making her the ideal coach to inspire people to be their best selves. Combined with an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the tech industry at startups, SMBs and Fortune 500s as well as leading high performing teams and helping people achieve their goal, Julie has become known as the go-to career coach for hundreds of high caliber professionals looking to make their own next big, strategic career move. 

As an experienced navigator of the career search process, she knows the roadblocks and pitfalls that can arise. She teaches clients how to use positive psychology and adopt a growth mindset to achieve more than they thought possible. She inspires action and cultivates an open, honest and trusting space — with a touch of humor, magically turning a daunting endeavor into a gratifying process. 

“I help people find and land a dream job — one they love going to every day. It is my mission to help people increase their fulfillment and happiness – and that starts with an inner belief that our potential is yet to be realized.” 

Mai has built an impressive marketing career at tech startups, driving customer and revenue growth that led to successful acquisitions and IPOs. Throughout her fast-paced career, she earned a reputation as a creative mastermind — defining and launching innovative campaigns, programs and websites for over half a dozen tech companies. 

As a job strategist, Mai supports clients throughout the full job search cycle — leveraging her marketing expertise to give them a competitive edge. She helps clients define their career goals, revamp their personal brand and learn proven strategies to market themselves. She also shares tactics to interview, negotiate and land fulfilling roles at companies they admire. 

“I believe that when you learn how to reach higher than you believed possible, there is an internal shift. You reclaim your confidence, relax into your newfound happiness and enjoy your many successes along the way.”

Julie Chase | Head Coach

Mai Hoang | Job Strategist

Meet our Advisory Board

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know — and we’re incredibly fortunate to work with some extraordinary leaders in the tech industry.

Henry Hippely | Technical Recruiting Leader

Henry started his recruiting career at Harvey Nash, one of the most prominent global talent agencies. He then went on to lead technical recruiting at early stage startups and high growth tech companies including Convoy, Facebook and Stripe, where he currently works.

Antonio Akins | SVP, Engineering

Antonio is Senior Vice President of Engineering at Salesforce leading the delivery of the next generation of Low Code App Development platform that empowers customers to build their own apps with little to no code. Prior to that, he had a long tenure at Microsoft with leadership roles in many areas including Visual Studio and MSN/Bing Mobile.

Juanita Lohmeyer | Board Member & CEO

Juanita has a distinguished career leading strategic initiatives that transform and grow businesses across financial services, insurance, telecommunications and IT industries. She also serves as an advisor at the business schools at Cornell University and Queen’s University.

Amy Wang | Product Management Executive

Amy has built a successful career as a product leader at many of the most admired Fortune 500 companies including Adobe, Oracle, IBM, HP, Yahoo, Cisco and Ingram Micro, where she led the development of innovative products, SaaS and ecommerce transformation initiatives.

Lisa Christensen | Global Executive Recruiter

Lisa has built an illustrious recruiting career at boutique talent agencies as well as Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Nordstrom and Expedia. Currently, she serves as an executive search partner for Expedia Group, orchestrating searches for top leaders around the world.

Barbra Fraker | Global Operations Executive

Barbra has built a remarkable career as a senior sales and operations leader. She started her early career as an account executive at ADP, then moved to Concur where she built a client development organization from the ground up and then took an executive role to lead global operations for SAP Concur. Currently, she’s Vice President of Business Engagement for SAP. 

Your fulfillment is within reach.

Now is the time to invest in your future self, change your career trajectory and land a job you love

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