The 7-Step Method to Land a Job You Love & Build a Fulfilling Career in Tech

Dream Job

The job search can be a daunting and overwhelming endeavor. This book will help you establish a clear picture of your career to date and determine where to go next. I guide you through each step, from building your professional brand including your resume, LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch to building your target company list, strategic networking, interviewing and negotiation. I also share the most effective strategies and best practices for you to successfully land your dream job.

With a combination of deep expertise, winning frameworks and robust tools and resources, you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need to get the interviews and offers you want. Dream Job will also help you increase your self-awareness, shift your mindset and strengthen your self-belief – so you can show up as your best self. Once you read this book, you will approach every future career move with intention and purpose.

Free job search resources


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Self-Reflection Worksheets
These exercises will give you clarity on your career to date as well as what’s most important to you for your next career move.

Professional Branding Kit
This toolkit will you you create an impressive resume and LinkedIn profile that showcase your strengths, accomplishments and impact.

Telling Your Story Worksheets
These exercises will help you craft a compelling pitch and story that engages your audience and demonstrates who you are and the impact you make.

Strategic Networking Template
This template will help you identify key contacts at your target companies, secure informationals, get referrals and introductions that lead to opportunities.

Acing Your Interview Guide
This guide will help you improve your interview skills by crafting compelling answers and stories for questions (including behavioral) while making a great impression.



  1. Apply a proven job search method to achieve your dream job.

  2. Gain clarity on what roles and companies to pursue.

  3. Create an impressive resume and LinkedIn profile.

  4. Craft a compelling story in a succinct, cohesive way.

  5. Network strategically to surface the opportunities you want.

  6. Prepare for interviews that help you stand out.

  7. Negotiate offers to get the best possible terms.

  8. Avoid common mistakes that most people make, including applying online.

  9. Overcome obstacles that delay or prevent your career success.

  10. Gain confidence, show up as your best self and stand out from the crowd.

What people are saying about Dream Job

A Guiding Light in the Career Jungle

"Dream Job is a game-changer in the world of career guidance. ​​go-to manual. It isn't just about landing a job – it's a roadmap to crafting a career that aligns with your passions and purpose.”

- Jason

Amazing resource

“Dream Job provides a step-by-step guide to discovering what you want for the next step in your career and how to make it happen. What a great resource!”

- Kelly

This book delivers clarity

“I love how this book breaks down the big questions in a person’s career into clear and actionable steps. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a job that is more meaningful.”

- James

A must read for landing a job you actually want

“Julie is a seasoned career coach and her book is a great overview of her approaches and methodologies. This book gives you a step by step guide of everything you need to do.”

- Kris

Provides great direction for your job search

“Dream Job is so thorough and each page is filled with stellar insights to help on your job search journey. The methodology is one that you can revisit each time you're considering a career change.”

- Jana

Instrumental in securing and negotiating a top of the market offer!

“For anyone serious about their career trajectory, I highly recommend this insightful resource. It's truly transformative with a completely different approach to the job search process!”

- Taylor

Clear and effective!

Gearing up for the next step in your career is a daunting task. Julie Chase makes this journey digestible, providing clear and attainable advice. Love her approach! I'll be going back to this throughout my career.

- Amazon Customer

This book helped me land MY dream job!

“I picked up this book and followed the framework and all of the steps – including what not to do like applying online. And I got results! I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a new job.”

- Sean

Great book for making a career move!

“This was an incredibly practical and useful book. The author covers every aspect of the job search process and breaks down practical steps. Her advice and guidance helped me focus and land an amazing job!”

- Darin

What people are saying about Dream Job