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A proven step-by-step framework to make a strategic career move. Accelerate your job search, gain rapid traction and get the results you want with this self-paced online training course. Instructed by Julie Chase.

Dream Job Catcher Online Course

This course is designed to help you land your dream job — one you’ll love and thrive in. You’ll learn the most effective job search strategies, techniques and tools that you can apply throughout your job search journey. You’ll gain the knowledge, clarity and confidence you need to be wildly successful!

You’ll learn how to

  • Define your career goals
  • Boost your professional brand
  • Craft your pitch and story
  • Build your target company list
  • Create a strategic networking plan
  • Ace your interview
  • Negotiate your offer
  • Set up for success in your new job
  • And much, much more…

This course includes

  • 8 self-paced modules
  • 6.5 hours of instructional content
  • 17+ worksheets and 100+ resources
  • View on desktop and mobile
  • Lifetime access (future versions)

Who’s this for?
This course is for corporate professionals with 7+ years experience in product management, program management, engineering, business development, sales, customer success, marketing, operations, finance, etc. across major industries.

Zero Risk Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied (for any reason), email us for a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Instructor Credentials (Julie Chase)

Uplevel your career with expert advice and insights

Job Search Expert & Coach for 6+ years

29K LinkedIn followers and newsletter subscribers

Author of Dream Job

20+ years in the corporate world at startups and Fortune 500s

I believe that exceptional careers should be the status quo and that every person can realize their potential and make a big impact — in a job they love and thrive in.

I’ve helped hundreds of professionals make successful career moves. I’d love to help you apply job search strategies to get the interviews and offers you want as well as gain insights and techniques to overcome obstacles to achieve your career goals.


“This course is gold! Julie delivers a framework and actionable steps that changed the way I approached my job search. She breaks the steps down in a way that is easy to implement. And her advice and insights are truly valuable. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is looking to make a career move with intention and purpose.”

- Jana G

Hear what professionals are saying about Julie’s expertise and course

“The structure was extremely helpful. I really liked that there was a well choreographed process, which accelerated my job search. I followed the DJC plan. I set my benchmark, identified companies that aligned with my values and goals — and I learned how to strategically network. I'm now working for a great company that is growing, has great leadership, and puts people first.”

- Ben F

"The course helped me tell my story, prepare for interviews as well as overcome any gaps I had. The networking was also helpful to learn more about companies and get introductions. It also helped me negotiate better terms, which increased the offer by 30%. I love my new job — I get to work with great people, make a big impact and grow my career.”

- Ellis H

"This program helped me define the criteria for an ideal role and company. The framework and structure were incredibly valuable and accelerated my progress. The revamped resume, LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch helped boost my confidence. I got everything on my list and more — including a remote position and 30% increase in comp. I know I wouldn’t have found my dream job without this program. It’s a great value and the outcome exceeded my expectations!”

- Ben B 

“I absolutely loved this course! It provided the structure and framework to define what I was looking for and how to get it. It was comprehensive, filled with practical steps and valuable exercises. I especially liked the mindset parts which got me more excited about the job search. I feel great about my new job! The culture is positive, my manager is supportive and I get to work on cool and meaningful products.”

- Anagha T

"Looking for a new job felt like taking shots in the dark before I started the course. It was pivotal in helping me refine my approach, define my goals and hone my interviewing skills. It was jam-packed with helpful worksheets, tools and resources. I landed a fantastic job that aligned perfectly with my personal values and aspirations."

- Justin B

"I was at a pivotal point in my career and ready to build a long-term career path. This course helped me reflect on my career to date and surface the work I love the most. The discovery process was quite eye opening and helped create a vision and plan for my future. I’m happy with my new job and love the company. I feel like I’m set up for success and have the opportunity to pivot and grow my career here. I highly recommend this course!”

- Jenae G

“I’m so happy I found this course! It provided a good framework on how to update my LinkedIn profile, prepare for interviews and negotiate my offer. The mindset and motivation sections were empowering. My belief in myself grew stronger and gave me a boost of confidence to achieve my goals and realize my best self. This program not only helps with finding a job, it also gives a better understanding of who you want to be and staying true to your goals.”

- Meghan H

“This is the best job search course! It’s comprehensive and packed with great examples and practical tips. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in such a short time. I continuously made progress and gained confidence along the way. I am thrilled with the results! I landed my dream role at a great company with many growth opportunities. I feel like I’m building an intentional career!”

- Lane R

"This course helped shift my thinking and showed me how to approach the job search in a completely new way. I went from applying to jobs boards to focusing my efforts on leveraging my network — which led to many referrals and introductions to key leaders. I’m now in the job that was meant for me and believe that the program was 100% mission critical to my success."

- Jerry N

“The tools and framework from this course helped focus my efforts and evaluate roles with the key criteria for my dream job. It also helped me approach interviewing as a two-way street where I assessed the team and company to see if they were the right fit for me. I’m so happy with my new job. I work with smart and collaborative colleagues, love the work I’m doing and am valued for my contributions.”

- Vivian L

"I hadn’t been in the job market for 20 years, so I joined the program to learn best practices and get faster results. I appreciated the structure and networking strategy, which was more effective than applying online. I feel good about the results. I was able to make an industry change and joined a great team at a top tech company."

- Krisztian G


Hear what professionals are saying about Julie’s expertise and course

1000+ clients have landed senior leadership JOBS at the world's fastest growing tech companies including:


What type of professions is this for?
This course is designed for corporate professionals in product management, program management, engineering, business development, sales, customer success, marketing, operations, finance, etc. across major industries.

Is this course only for professionals in the tech industry?
No. The framework has worked for professionals in financial services, travel and hospitality, health and wellness, real estate and other industries — ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

What level of experience is best for this course?
This course is designed for corporate professionals with 7+ years experience. It’s optimal for people with 500+ LinkedIn connections.

Does this course include preparation for technical interviews?
No. This course focuses on straightforward questions about yourself and a wide range of behavioral questions.

How long is this course? What is the format?
Lessons are media-rich with videos, text and images." with "It includes many rich worksheets, templates and resources.

Do I get lifetime access?
Yes — and you’ll get access to updated courses in the future.

Why should I get started today?
Only start if you’re ready for a more fulfilling job. Why not start with a proven framework and lessons from a job search expert? You’ll gain rapid traction in your job search and land the interviews and offers you want.

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