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At Dream Job Catcher we believe that exceptional careers should be the status quo and that every person should have a job that awakens their best self and inspires their best work.

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q1 2024 accelerator

Structured Program

Learn a proven step-by-step process to gain clarity, tell your story, network to unlock opportunities, ace interviews and negotiate the best terms — for you.


Job Search Expertise

Receive actionable guidance from coaches with 20+ years of experience in the tech industry and learn the most effective job search strategies.

New Professional Skills

Apply a growth mindset to boost self-awareness, strengthen your personal brand and network with confidence — to land a stellar job that aligns with your goals.

We created the the most effective job search program to help those who are seeking so much more from their career — cultivate self-awareness, clarify their unique talents, identify their true north and realize their potential. That is what we call an intentional career. And it begins with a job that you love and thrive doing.

Executive Program

The 1:1 Executive Program is tailored for tech professionals with 15+ years of experience in progressively senior positions. 

You’ve built a successful career — but are you on a path that inspires and excites you?

In this program, you’ll work directly with a seasoned coach to define your next strategic career move, identify opportunities aligned with your goals, strengths and experience — and most importantly, act with intention to land a job you love and thrive in.

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q1 dream job search accelerator

The Q1 Dream Job Search Accelerator is designed for tech professionals with ~10-20 years of work experience to help you land a more fulfilling job at a company you admire.

Our industry-leading program takes the stress and confusion out of the job search journey. It combines online training with the resources and expert guidance you need to master all steps of the job search process and land your dream job — without applying to a single job online.

Note: Enrollment open until 12/29/2023 and starts on 01/05/2024

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