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The Uplevel Program is designed for tech professionals ~10-15+ years of work experience to help you land a more fulfilling job at a company you admire.

Our industry-leading program takes the stress and confusion out of the job search journey. It combines online training with the resources and expert guidance you need to master all steps of the job search process and land your dream job — without applying to a single job online.

Our program is designed to help you tackle the job search process in a practical and straightforward way.

Through a combination of online training modules and expert guidance from seasoned advisors and coaches, you’ll learn:

How to optimize your time and focus on the job search activities that matter most

The most effective strategies and techniques to leverage your network for referral based interviews

Best in class interview techniques to stand out as the ideal candidate

Tips and tricks to skillfully negotiate offers so you get what you want and deserve

The program consists of the following elements:

Online training modules that teach you the most effective strategies, techniques and best practices to master each stage of the job search. 

Over 65 worksheets, checklists, cheatsheets and templates to apply to your job search.

A winning framework to revamp your personal brand, including your resume, LinkedIn profile and online presence.

Live Q&A sessions with our Head Career Coach, Julie Chase, who will help you overcome obstacles, and share best practices for networking, interviewing and negotiating offers.

Exclusive support and expert advice from our Job Search Program Advisors. They will answer all your questions and provide feedback on your work and activities. 

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Meet Your Coach Julie

Julie has that rare combination of intuition, brilliance and compassion, making her the ideal coach to inspire people to be their best selves. Combined with an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the tech sector at startups, SMBs and Fortune 500s as well as leading high performing teams and helping people achieve their goal, Julie has become known as the go-to career coach for hundreds of high-caliber professionals looking to make their own next big, strategic career move. 

As an experienced navigator of the career search process, she knows the roadblocks and pitfalls that can arise. She teaches clients how to use positive psychology and adopt a growth mindset to achieve more than they thought possible. She inspires action and cultivates an open, honest and trusting space — with a touch of humor, magically turning a daunting endeavor into a gratifying process. 

“I help people find and land a dream job — one they love going to every day. It is my mission to help people increase their fulfillment and happiness – and that starts with an inner belief that our potential is yet to be realized”. 

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