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“I don’t have enough time.”
“I don’t have enough money.”
“My family needs me.”
“I tried it before and it didn’t work.”
“I don’t know where to begin.”
“I’m too stressed out.”
“I don’t believe I can get what I want.”
“I’m not good/smart/talented/whatever enough.”

It’s a horrible feeling when you find out you didn’t get the offer. It just plain sucks. You put in all this hard work, got excited and believed it was the perfect job for you. You may have even walked away from the interview feeling confident that the offer was at hand.

It’s baffling that we don’t learn how to start or build our careers given that most of us spend 30 – 50% of our lives working.

As absurd as this may sound, I was really excited to read “The Power of Regret” by Daniel Pink. I became a big fan when I took his MasterClass on sales and persuasion last year. He’s a great teacher and speaker and knows how to engage his audience.

I’m currently watching “Julia” on HBO, which has been truly delightful — especially after the slew of intense shows focused on egotistical tech titans.

What I find most inspirational is Julia Child’s determination, resourcefulness, unwavering optimism and growth mindset. She published her first cookbook at 49 and started her tv show at 51. She truly embodies the belief that “It’s never too late to follow your dreams…”

I am an actively recovering workaholic. I’ve come a long way, but I’m still a work in progress. It’s difficult for me to look back and see the unhealthy cycle I created without judgment. I worked evenings and weekends to ensure that I answered every email, completed tasks, improved processes and created new programs.

I wanted to write about this topic last year, but guess what — I had an attack of imposter syndrome. I’m like, I’m not a trained counselor or therapist, who am I to talk about it.

We’re approaching “the most wonderful time of year” — where we spend time with our family and friends, feast on our favorite foods and relax and unwind.

For someone who’s taken many risks throughout my life, I don’t love change — especially the kind I can’t control (which just happens to be about 90% of the time). And when it comes to the job search, our clients (even execs) have fears and limiting beliefs on achieving their career goals, networking, asking for help, making a good impression and so on.

We’ve had more disappointment in the past 12 months than we can possibly count. It’s not just the big things like canceled events and trips, but it’s the everyday things — like not being able to go to school or work and not seeing our family and friends — that we’ve missed the most.

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