The best investment you’ll ever make


I’m a Parks and Recreation fan and the like so many others, I love Tom and Donna’s “Treat Yo’Self” day. True to its name, it was the day where they pampered and indulged in their every whim—all of which were extravagant and hilarious. It’s easy to get onboard (although on a smaller scale) with the idea of rewarding ourselves with something that brings us joy or a relaxing treatment. The bigger and harder step is making an investment in ourselves. It’s something that we often push down on the list of priorities, but the truth is we’re also depriving ourselves of some of life’s biggest rewards. Every year we set personal and professional goals. We may even create a plan with schedules and milestones. What we don’t often include is the investment we need to be successful. Here are a few ideas of the best investments you can and should make now.

Reading & Writing

One of the easiest things we can do is to read—beyond fiction. Reading a personal development or business success story can inspire us, boost our creativity and give us a fresh perspective. Writing is also a powerful exercise. It’s a great way to express our emotions (especially when you need to let go of something) and be introspective to understand our strengths as well what we should improve.


If one of your goals is to develop a skill like learning Italian or playing the guitar, then take a class. There are so many great classes at community colleges and community centers. Because you pay for them and they’re on a set schedule, you will make the time to practice and show up. You also get the benefit of the group’s energy and momentum—and maybe make a new friend!


One of the most impactful investments is getting a coach. This could be a life, career or job search coach. There are pivotal times to start working with an expert: ready to accelerate your career, changing roles and getting a promotion (perfect time to set yourself up for success). 

When it comes to any of these big moves, you can certainly figure out things on your own. But why would you when you can have a partner—who’s an expert in their space and fully invested in you and your success. They bring in knowledge, data, best practices and strategies that work for you. They support you through the ups and downs and give you the objective perspective to help you move forward.

By making one or all of these types of investments, one thing is true. Investing in yourself is the best investment you’ll ever make.

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