Turn fear into excitement!


Most of our clients dread networking. They build it up as a daunting and uncomfortable activity—that is a means to an end. Some of them admit they get anxious when meeting new people or when asking for help. And this is when I get excited…because I get to teach them something new—something that will change their life!

Did you know that your body has the SAME physiological response for fear and excitement? When you’re afraid or anxious, do you get hot and sweaty? Does your face flush? Or do you freeze? Whatever your answer is, I’m sure it’s a suboptimal physical response, especially when trying to make a first impression.

But here’s the best news: we can control how our body reacts by using our brain! We can think about something that helps us reframe the situation and make us excited about it!

Mel Robbins, who is best known for her “The 5 Seconds Rule” book, created a video that explains her method—just THREE simple steps on how to turn fear into excitement. It goes like this:

3 simple steps

Create an anchor thought—this is a thought that will help you maintain control of what you’re thinking and how you behave. For networking, picture yourself easily connecting to the person across from you. You’re having a free flowing conversation with laughter. They are nice, kind AND offer to refer you for a position! You feel elated and grateful.

Apply the 5 second rule. This means counting down: 5-4-3-2-1 in your head. This helps you switch the gears in your mind, interrupts the fear and triggers your brain that you’re about to give it new information.

Insert your anchor thought that you’ve already created AND tell yourself: “I am SO EXCITED to meet with this person!” Embrace your anchor thought and guess what? Your brain accepts this as excitement—so you’ve literally turned the fear into excitement! Doesn’t that feel amazing and powerful?!?

It still blows my mind. AND it truly works. Our clients tell me they use it just before they walk into their meetings. They’re able to use their adrenaline in a more positive and effective way. And they ALWAYS get offers to help them with their job search. I often use it before I record videos (something I used to majorly stress about) and I can honestly say I’m no longer afraid to do it!

Try it out and let me know how it worked. You can ping me on LinkedIn or join our Career Acceleration for Senior Leaders LinkedIn group and post your comments there!