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Lynsay lands her dream job

Senior Marketing Manager

Lynsay built a successful career as a marketing leader — creating innovative strategies and programs that helped companies grow. While she excelled in her work, Lynsay reached a point where she no longer felt fulfilled. Over time, she found herself on the operations side and not where she truly thrived — on the strategy side.

Once she realized she was ready to make a change, Lynsay joined our program. She wanted to find a leadership role that would stretch and excite her. By applying our job search strategies and being intentional in every step, Lynsay achieved all of her goals and joined an amazing team and company.

Q&A with Lynsay

Q: Why did you decide to invest in the program?
A: Starting the job search was challenging. There were so many job boards and postings — I wasn’t finding any interesting roles and wasn’t even sure what roles to look for. The program was exactly what I needed. I knew I’d learn new techniques and strategies and have someone to guide me through this stressful process.

Q: What was it like working with us?
A: I loved it — literally every bit of it. The online modules and weekly calls with my coach made it easy for me to stay on track and keep moving forward. That was no easy feat as I also moved homes during this time and had several major projects to manage.

Q: What did you find most valuable?
A: The initial activities are geared toward helping you uncover what it is you really want to do, the environment and working style you need to be successful and what’s most important to you in your work. This was the first time I had ever done something like this. It completely changed the way I think about myself and what I have to offer. Best of all, it opened my eyes to roles that I was truly interested in and wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Q: How did you feel throughout the process?
A: Supported, encouraged and like I was on the right path. It’s such an introspective approach and that in itself can bring up a lot of thoughts, good and bad. Having a coach just a phone call, text, email away made it feel possible to achieve all my goals.

Q: How did you land your new job?
A: I came across a company that had great employee reviews and the job description resonated with me, especially since it reflected their strong core values. I reached out to a friend and former colleague of mine who was connected to the VP of Marketing there. He made an introduction and wrote an incredible recommendation.

The VP offered to do an informational meeting with me. I was able to tell her about my background and share how I aligned to the role. I was also able to ask her about the marketing team and company. From there she passed me along to the hiring manager who I instantly hit it off with — and was invited to an in-person interview. And then they made me an offer!

Q: Did it align to your goals?
A: Yes! I wrote on a piece of paper my top goals for my new role: a 20% salary increase, flexible work environment, positive and collaborative company culture and women in leadership. The opportunity hit every single thing I wrote down, and one even better — it’s 100% remote!

Q: What surprised you by the results?
A: Yes! I received an offer 9 weeks to the day of starting the program. I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to achieve my dream job.

Q: What are you loving about your role?
A: So many things! My team is incredible — supportive, trusting and inclusive. The company culture is exactly what I was looking for — no egos and a roll up your sleeves attitude to get the job done.

I absolutely love working remotely. It’s easy for me to focus on my work, which I am so proud of. My manager and the leadership are fantastic — they’re encouraging, respectful and set an amazing vision. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Most importantly, I’m passionate about my work again. It’s been way too long since I felt this way.

Q: What advice do you have for other job seekers?
A: You don’t have to hate your work. If you’re really serious about making a job change, you should and can do it. You just have to find what’s right for you — and Dream Job Catcher can help you land a job you’ll love and thrive in. I told Julie at the beginning I wasn’t so sure my dream job existed, but I was happily wrong!

Are you ready to uplevel your career? And get a job where you’ll feel fulfilled, realize your potential and get the salary you deserve?

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