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Krunal’s breakthrough to his dream job

Krunal started his career in India and moved to the US to go to business school. After graduating, he landed a great job as a program manager where he led the delivery of key software and hardware products for a manufacturing company during his 6 year tenure. 

Thinking about his next career move, Krunal wanted to work at a well-known tech company where he could apply his expertise and experience at a larger scale and stretch his technical skills. Krunal joined our program and achieved all of his goals — and most importantly, set him on a trajectory for a successful career. 

Q&A with Krunal

Q: Why did you decide to invest in the program? 

A: It was difficult to find good roles and get traction in the opportunities I was interested in. I had an extra hurdle of finding companies that would sponsor my work visa. I also had a few bad interview experiences and knew I needed to improve my interview skills. 

I found Dream Job Catcher’s approach very different. They committed to supporting me through the entire job search journey — and they did! And they helped reinforce my belief that I would get my dream job — and I did! 

Q: What was it like working with us? 

A: It was an awesome experience! I got my first offer nearly one month into the program, but it didn’t align to the criteria that was most important to me, which I set in the very beginning. Julie encouraged me to keep trying for my dream job. After some initial struggles, I started getting interviews from top tier tech companies that led me to a fantastic role.

Q: What did you find most valuable?

A: Support from my coach. There are a lot of ups and downs with the job search and when I had setbacks or wasn’t getting traction, Julie brainstormed with me to change or try new strategies and tactics. 

It was also valuable to do a lot of interview practice. It’s difficult to know what is too much information or not enough. Julie helped with the structure of answers and my delivery — reminding me to slow down.

Q: How did you feel throughout the process? 

A: Fantastic! I was able to overcome many biases and limiting beliefs that I had built up in my mind over the years. Julie helped break those assumptions and embrace new ways of thinking. Throughout my job search, I felt empowered and confident. Julie served as a guiding light to stay focused and committed to my goals. 

Q: How did you land your new job?

A: A recruiter from a high growth consumer tech company reached out to me about a role, which was a good fit based on the criteria that I set. I went through the screens and interview loop and then received an offer. During the program, I interviewed with a few top tech companies that helped me hone my interview skills and prepare for this excellent opportunity. 

Q: Did your new job align with your goals?  

A: Yes it did. It fit all of my top criteria including the scope of the role, the scale of impact, a positive culture, a high growth company and a significant increase in overall compensation. 

Q: Were you surprised by the results? 

A: Yes, I had three offers in hand. All of them were way better than what I was initially targeting, which exceeded my expectations. Not only was I getting a great new job, but I was also getting on the right path for a more intentional career. 

Q: What are you loving about your role? 

A: I have many opportunities to learn, interesting challenges to tackle and smart colleagues to work with. The company has a meaningful mission, strong core values and a positive culture. I’m truly grateful to have landed this job! 

Q: What advice do you have for other job seekers? 

A: Do not compromise. Break your barriers and overcome your blindspots. There is a perfect job out there that matches with your skills and aspirations. It’s all about finding and getting it. The Dream Job Catcher program opens up your limitations and helps you realize your vision and goals. 

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