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Kara’s key to a successful career move

Kara has extensive experience building teams and processes that help companies scale growth. She’s led customer success and support teams across media, wellness and tech industries. Kara’s customer-centric approach contributed to greater adoption, engagement and higher NPS scores.

After taking a year long sabbatical, Kara wanted to return to the tech world where she could make a big impact. She started the job search on her own, but ran into obstacles. After joining our program, Kara achieved all of her goals — within 4 months!

Q&A with Kara

Q: Why did you decide to invest in the program?
A: I was having trouble getting traction with the roles I was interested in, especially getting in front of the recruiters and hiring managers. While I had extensive leadership experience, I also struggled with conveying that at a strategic level. I knew I needed help with my story and interviewing.

Q: What was it like working with us?
A: It was great! The team was always available to brainstorm and strategize — helping to surface interesting companies and people to target. Whenever I felt discouraged, they helped lift my spirits and motivated me to keep moving forward.

Q: What did you find most valuable?
A: The interview practice. I considered myself to be a solid interviewee and didn’t invest a lot of prep and practice time. Inevitably, I’d have trouble with the odd curveball question that was thrown my way.

My coach spent a lot of time helping to uplevel my stories and showcase my strategies and results. We practiced all the tough questions like “my biggest failure,” “my greatest weakness,” as well as typical behavioral questions. It was also valuable to have her review my presentation (assignment) for the interview too. I always felt prepared and confident going into the interviews.

Q: How did you feel throughout the process?
A: I felt incredibly supported and empowered. Even when I missed out on a couple of roles, I felt confident that the right job was just around the corner.

Q: How did you land your new job?
A: I found a role that was right up my alley at a small startup. I didn’t know anyone there, so I applied online and received a call from the recruiter. After a couple of screens, I was invited to do the full panel interview and then received an offer.

Q: Did your new job align with your goals?
A: Yes it did. It provided the next step in my career from a scale and scope perspective. And it also provided a lift in compensation.

Q: What surprised you the most?
A: That it only took 4 months to get a fantastic job. At times it felt like nothing was happening and that it was taking forever. But looking back it went by quickly. The key learning for me was that patience and confidence will get you where you want to go. You just need to stay calm.

Q: What are you loving about your role?
A: The diversity of scope and responsibility. I am involved with an incredibly diverse set of problems and activities, which keep the job really fun and exciting. I’m also working with a lot of great colleagues who are smart, collaborative and caring.

Q: What advice do you have for other job seekers?
A: Trust Julie. She was supportive and candid throughout my entire journey. At one point, I was pondering a role pivot and Julie talked through what that would mean from a career and financial perspective, which made me rethink my options. I’m a straight shooter and appreciate an objective and honest perspective, especially when making decisions that affect my professional and personal life.

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