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Mark builds momentum to dream job

Mark built a career in investment banking and technology research at Fortune 100 companies. He then made a strategic career move into corporate development and strategy at a leading consumer electronics company.

After 6 years of leading corporate initiatives that drove growth and innovation, Mark was ready for a new challenge. He started his job search, but was unsure of what to focus on and had trouble staying motivated. After Mark joined our program, he gained momentum and successfully pivoted his career to a strategic role at a high tech commercial bank.

Q&A with Mark

Q: Why did you decide to invest in the program?
A: I recognized that I had limited experience in searching for new career opportunities. As with other aspects of my professional development, I felt that I could expedite the process by leveraging a coach who had more experience and domain expertise.

Q: What was it like working with us?
A: It was a great experience. From onboarding to the platform to the signing of the offer letter, I felt that my coach, Julie, supported me through each and every step of the job search.

Q: What did you find most valuable?
A: The most valuable part of the program was the one-on-one meetings with Julie. Sharing updates, getting feedback on activities, and mapping out specific next steps were invaluable to the overall process. It was also helpful to have an objective sounding board from someone who understood the nuances of the hiring process.

Q: How did you feel throughout the process?
A: The structure of the program and feedback from Julie provided a sense that the process was always moving forward; even setbacks provided new learnings. The program provided a level of comfort during a very dynamic and uncertain period in my career progression.

Q: How did you land your new job?
A: Once I identified a potential opportunity, I applied some of the networking techniques I learned into an informational interview with the hiring manager. That was followed by a traditional interview process, which was supported by Julie through Q&A prep and mock interviews.

Q: Did your new job align with your goals?
A: The role mostly aligned with the goals I set early in the process, including returning to financial services — but in a more strategic role.

Q: What are you loving about your role?
A: I found a role that leverages my corporate development and strategy experience as well as my background in investment banking. I’m excited about the type of work I’m leading and have been able to add immediate value to the organization. There are also growth opportunities as the business expands into new markets.

Q: What advice do you have for other job seekers?
A: Be patient and trust the process. Success is better when you have someone, especially an expert on your side.

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