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Justin resilient road to his dream job

Throughout his career, Justin built networking and security products that solved big problems for enterprises. He also had a successful track record of leading cross-functional teams to execute global go-to-market and growth strategies.

In the midst of COVID, Justin found himself looking for a new job. He wanted to make a strategic career move that advanced his career, but knew it’d be challenging in this ultra competitive and unpredictable environment. Despite some twists and turns, Justin landed his dream job and achieved all of his intentional goals! 

Q&A with Justin

Q: Why did you decide to invest in the program? 

A: One of the most challenging factors for me was defining my career objectives — clarifying exactly what I was looking for and at what type of company as well as how to achieve them. I joined the program because I wanted expertise on the best ways to approach the job search — and stand out of the crowd.

Q: What was it like working with us? 

A: It was a fantastic experience! I appreciated the structured framework with many techniques and tools that helped me throughout my job search. My coach also offered a lot of excellent advice and partnered with me every step of the way.

Q: What did you find most valuable?

A: There are many valuable learnings, but one of the most helpful parts was the mock interviews. I can be long-winded and needed to be more concise, especially with the behavioral questions. I definitely honed my interview skills as well as telling my story. 

My coach’s perspective and advice was always spot-on. It was great to get her insights along the way, including the negotiation process. 

Q: How did you feel throughout the process? 

A: I felt supported through every step. I received a lot of coaching, guidance and encouragement, which helped build my confidence and made me a better candidate.

Q: How did you land your new job?

A: A recruiter reached out to me via LinkedIn. Working with my coach, I had updated my profile and better described my leadership and the impact I made. I then applied all the interviewing techniques I mastered from the program and aced my interviews with the hiring manager, interview panel and executives. And soon after, I received an amazing offer! 

Q: Did your new job align with your goals?  

A: Absolutely! It met all the goals I defined in the beginning of the program including a larger scope of responsibilities at a high growth company, leading a high caliber team, a higher title and a 30% increase in compensation.

Q: What surprised you the most about the results?

A: I couldn’t believe I actually got everything I wanted (plus more) from the job offer. It’s a testament to the power of the program. It helped me from the beginning — driving clarity and defining career goals all the way through the end — getting a stellar offer.

Q: What advice do you have for other job seekers? 

A: Be patient, be positive, dream big and believe in yourself. You too, can land a job you’ll love and thrive in.

Q: What are you loving about your role? 

It’s really the perfect job for me. I have the opportunity to lead the entire product management team, define the product vision and execute the strategy. I’m excited to build meaningful products and make a significant impact on the company.

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