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Jerry’s journey to his perfect job

Jerry merged his love of data and storytelling into an impressive career. He’s built marketing analytics practices and teams for Fortune 100 tech companies as well as global advertising agencies. Jerry delivers data with actionable insights that have helped shape many companies’ direction and strategy.

A year ago, the agency he worked at restructured their organization due to the economic downturn and he was affected. Jerry knew he wanted to return to tech and work at a high growth company. He joined our program and had great success. He landed an ideal leadership role at a thriving tech company. 

Q&A with Jerry

Q: Why did you decide to invest in the program? 

A: My previous roles and career progression were organic, where I switched to a new role within an organization or to another company. This time I needed to find a job and assumed I’d be able to find something quickly, especially since I’m an active networker. While I gained initial traction, things didn’t come to fruition. I discovered that the more senior roles were fewer and far between and the hiring cycle was longer.

I was introduced to Dream Job Catcher through a mutual connection and joined because I needed to change my job search strategy. They not only provided best practices and effective techniques, but also guided and supported me throughout my journey. 

Q: What was it like working with us? 

A: It was great! The DJC team helped me understand how to best pursue my job search, starting with setting intentional career goals. This helped me be crystal clear about the roles I pursued — looking for alignment with what was most important to me, including a diverse and inclusive culture.

They also helped with the basics like updating my resume and LinkedIn page to capture my key experience, expertise and accomplishments. Even though they’re a small portion of the search, they are the most visible assets.

Q: What did you find most valuable?

A: The most helpful part was setting my career objectives based on what brought me joy and then going after my goals in a very purposeful way.

They also helped me adopt a winning mindset, which helped me to relax and be myself. I was able to have some fun with the job search — treating opportunities like leads in a demand funnel, always networking (which I love doing) and nurturing companies and contacts throughout the various phases (aware, interest, role and hired).

It was great having an expert to coach me on things like the timing of communications with the hiring team as well as having an executive presence — showing the right amount of interest and not being overly eager. 

Q: How did you feel throughout the process? 

A: It felt wonderful to have a winning team behind me — having a coach to guide and support me and not get blocked by internalizing job rejections or lack of replies. I embraced the mantra “what’s meant to be, is meant to be.” I thought of it as letting roles flow and always keeping the funnel full. It was a good practice — and the more relaxed and confident I felt, the more roles flowed easily.

Q: How did you land your new job?

A: By networking! I met with a former colleague, who was building and scaling a marketing operations team. I learned about their goals and challenges to get there. We discussed ways that I could help them achieve their goals through a data driven approach. And she created a role for me! I met with a few other leaders, had great conversations and then was hired. It was a very straightforward process.

Q: Did your new job align with your goals?  

A: Absolutely! It aligned with my goals, which included being able to make an impact, creating best-in-class insight-driven marketing practices, having alignment with the overall company goals and having a supportive management team that is ready to invest and drive growth. 

Q: What advice do you have for other job seekers? 

A: Don’t burn any bridges!

Originally I had applied to another role at this company and was not selected. However, I kept positive and my momentum going — one month later, I was interviewing for my dream job!  It’s a small world — always do your best to treat hiring managers and your current and prospective employers right. You never know when you might want or need to cross through a door again.

Network, Network, Network! Prior to being displaced, I had already built a large network of professional colleagues through associations and was giving back to the community and industry. I never knew that I would tap on that network one day to help me. 

Build strong relationships across the organization, even if they’re not on the hiring team. You’ll need an internal champion to help navigate through the process and introduce you to key leaders. All of this can be done virtually too.

Attitude, gratitude and breathe. Have a positive attitude throughout your journey and be grateful for your experiences, family, and journey ahead.

Q: What are you loving about your role? 

A: It’s absolutely an amazing role! The work my team and I are doing has already made a big difference— helping to grow the business and achieve goals. I work with smart and talented people. There are so many opportunities to make a big impact and grow my career. I’m grateful for my journey and my job — it all worked out for the best!

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