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Winning strategies to land your dream job

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I often get asked about the most important strategy to land a dream job, which I define as one you’ll love and thrive in. The challenge is there are so many aspects to the job search journey, it’s impossible to pick just one thing. So I’ve curated a list of articles that contain tips, best practices and exercises to help you be successful in your endeavor.

Stage 1: Laying the foundation for a successful job search

Starting your intentional career

An intentional career is one that you create based on your vision, goals and core values. An intentional career leads you to a series of rich and meaningful roles and experiences. In this article I share the steps to surface key insights from your career and define the criteria most important to you in an ideal role and company. 

Stage 2: Revamping your professional brand

10 step process to write a compelling resume

Building and strengthening your professional brand is essential to a successful job search. The resume is the cornerstone to your brand. Follow this straightforward 10 step process to create a compelling resume. I also suggest downloading our free toolkit that includes resume templates and a sample resume that you can refer to as you go through each step.

Tips to boost your LinkedIn profile

While your resume plays a significant role, your LinkedIn profile is equally, if not more important. Your profile gets way more views and it’s where recruiters source talent, professionals network and interviewers check out candidates (and vice versa). Follow these steps to boost your profile and make a great impression.

Stage 3: Telling your story

Crafting a compelling pitch

Your introduction (aka elevator pitch) needs a balance of high level information to get a sense for who you are and proof points to demonstrate your impact and give you credibility. Similar to a resume, creating a concise and compelling pitch can be an overwhelming task. Here are simple guidelines to help you easily craft and deliver a perfect pitch.

Stage 4: Strategic networking

How to network strategically and authentically — part 1

Networking is one of the most daunting — and essential — parts of the job search. This article focuses on initial activities that ease you into the process including how to create a target company list, find interesting roles and identify key people to reach out to. 

How to network strategically and authentically — part 2

When you know the why, what and how of networking, you’ll be able to make a good connection and get the help you need. It’s critical to define your goals, prepare and practice and make specific requests — while practicing gratitude. These steps will help you build confidence and gain traction.

Stage 5: Acing your interviews

Acing the interview — part 1

The screens with the recruiter and hiring manager determine whether you move forward in the interview process. I share best practices on how to approach screens including questions around compensation and ones about yourself.

Acing the interview — part 2

Interviews can be intense and stressful. I share some of the most effective ways to prep including what to research and how to structure behavioral questions — so you can show up as your best self and increase your chances of getting an offer.

Stage 6: Evaluating and negotiating your offer

Negotiating the best offer

If the opportunity is aligned to your vision, goals and values, then it’s time to negotiate. Learn how to accept the verbal offer with gratitude and skillfully make a counteroffer — to get the best possible offer while keeping everyone excited about you joining their organization.

I hope these tips, techniques and templates will help you be successful throughout your job search journey! 

P.S. Are you ready to uplevel your career and land a job where you’ll feel fulfilled, realize your potential and get the comp you deserve? If so, watch our video and book a session with one of our job strategists. We’re excited to talk with you!

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