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Jon scales new heights with dream job

For 15 years, Jon held a number of sales and business development leadership positions at Bureau van Dijk, helping take the organization through 3 private equity takeovers and into a multi-billion-dollar acquisition by Moody’s. His approach was always the same – roll up his sleeves and dive in. It’s his calling card. After a series of progressive roles, however, Jon was itching for a change. He wanted to leverage his experience scaling sales, account management and customer success and apply it to a high growth company. So, he turned to Dream Job Catcher.

Q&A with Jon

What sparked your decision to join the Dream Job Catcher program?

After 15 years at the same company, the job search process was daunting. I didn’t know where to begin or how to structure my search. I was an expert at scaling sales organizations, but when it came to finding and joining a new organization, I was lost. The job market was booming in early 2022 and while that sounded promising, it was overwhelming, especially since I had been out of the job search market for so long. After speaking with Mai and Julie, I felt confident they could help me structure a powerful job search and find opportunities that aligned with what I wanted.

What was it like working with Dream Job Catcher?

Reassuring. It was like always having a compass with me, pointing to my North Star. Julie and her team were strategic, insightful, and compassionate. The job search process is emotionally taxing, and they were my internal advocates. They brainstormed with me, kept me on track, cheered me on, and helped me pick myself up after any obstacles I faced. It was the perfect combination of motivation and tactical guidance.

What did you find most valuable working with Dream Job Catcher?

Signing up for Dream Job Catcher was an investment. By making the commitment to Julie and her team, I was instilling steadfast accountability for myself. I could calculate my own ROI and it motivated me to be a focused student in this game of job searching. In the past, I had done parts of the job search – polishing up my resume or updating my LinkedIn profile, but I had never looked at it holistically. Dream Job Catcher helped me understand the big picture and then gave me the skills to achieve that step-by-step.

Does your new role align with your goals?

100%. Perhaps even more than that as this company hadn’t been on my radar before I put together my networking map and identified my target companies. I fully credit Dream Job Catcher with helping find my ideal job.

What surprised you by the results? 

I never thought there could be this much potential upside in my career. I found a role that suits me perfectly at a company that wasn’t on my radar initially, but checked all my boxes in terms of the culture and industry. When you are really intentional about your criteria, and spend the time to honestly reflect on what would fulfill your career and life aspirations, it’s amazing how that can manifest itself.

What advice do you have for other job seekers? 

Simply trust the process. Julie and her team have tremendous experience and insights into the job search process. Trust them, follow their lead, do the work, employ their tactics and network. If you follow the Dream Job Catcher process, it makes this hugely daunting task of looking for your next job so much easier. The job search is emotionally taxing. Through the ups and downs just trust the process and lean into it. It works.

What do you love about your role? 

I love feeling “part of” the mission and culture at my new company. I get to lead an incredible sales organization at a high growth company in arguably the most fascinating industry. I am engaged and ready to roll up my sleeves and drive my team forward.

Do you want to be our next success story? If so, schedule a call with our team at dreamjobcatcher.com/book. We’d love to help you accelerate your job search and land your dream job.

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