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I recently took Daniel Pink’s MasterClass on Sales and Persuasion (which was excellent). He surveyed 5,000 people and asked them what they thought of when they think about sales. The #1 adjective hands down was “pushy.” Not surprisingly 25 of the top 50 adjectives were negative. He also asked what they pictured when they thought of a salesperson and the overwhelming majority was a used car salesman.

The job search is a daunting task — mostly because it pushes us out of our comfort zone. It’s hard to get motivated to do activities that we’re not particularly skilled at and uncertain of the results. In order to be successful you have to have a strong desire and understand your why. If a new job leads to growth opportunities, better cultural fit and greater financial rewards — then it becomes a worthwhile venture.

What’s your elevator pitch? You know, that punchy story about you that’s going to grab people’s attention and capture who you are — all within 30 seconds.

Happy New Year!  While I logically understood that nothing would fundamentally change on January 1, I felt a collective sigh of relief once we entered the new year. And even though this year has started with great turmoil, I’m optimistic that the tide is changing—and will bring some much needed peace and health to our […]

I finished my Christmas shopping today (online) and the overall experience was less fun as well as less stressful than other years. Partly because I enjoy going to stores and seeing all the festive decorations, perusing beautiful displays and feeling satisfied after accumulating bundles of perfect gifts. On the flip side, the busy crowds and bumper to bumper traffic are beyond frustrating.

There are so many strong opinions and perspectives on resumes. It’s impossible to sort through all the information and reconcile contradictory advice. The good news is that I’ve written hundreds of resumes that have helped job seekers tell their story, make a great impression and get the interviews they want.

Krunal started his career in India and moved to the US to go to business school. After graduating, he landed a great job as a program manager where he led the delivery of key software and hardware products for a manufacturing company during his 6 year tenure.

Building or strengthening your professional brand is essential to a successful job search. While the resume still plays a significant role, your LinkedIn (LI) profile is equally, if not more important. LinkedIn is where recruiters source talent, professionals network and interviewers check out candidates (and vice versa).  Your LI profile gets way more views than […]

Ted built an impressive career at a Fortune 100 tech company. He started in professional services, moved to a new ventures group and then landed in product — where he concepted and led the design and development of an innovative AI product. While Ted loved his work, he was ready for a new challenge.

I rarely hear someone say, “I love to negotiate” or “I excel at negotiating.” Even with experienced leaders including ones who negotiate deals at work, admit they could do better when it comes to their job offer. Whether it’s just a relief to receive the offer or concern that they may offend their future employer, many people leave a good chunk of money on the table.