Success starts with gratitude


One of the most common questions we get is how long will it take to land a dream job. It’s a difficult one to answer because our clients typically fall into one of two paths when it comes to their job search journey: the relatively linear one and the one filled with twists and turns. I recently took stock of our clients from the first group and noticed commonalities that contributed to their speedy success.

Here are the key ingredients:

Belief in themselves
These leaders are aware and feel proud of their experience and skills. They understand they have a lot to offer. This doesn’t mean they feel 100% confident they can get the job they want (they may not even know what they want), but they understand their value and know they can make an impact.

Growth mindset
They continuously strive to grow and learn. Even when they’re an expert in something, they know there’s room for growth. These clients approach their informationals, interviews and the overall job search with open and curious minds. They learn from each experience—and then refine and optimize their efforts. 

An attitude of gratitude
This is a simple, but significant one—and perfect for this month of Thanksgiving: they come from a place of gratitude. They’re thankful for their past experiences, their skills AND their current job—even when they feel they’ve reached the ceiling. They’re appreciative of everyone who assists and supports them. They’re thankful for the opportunity to learn about new companies, meet new people and for every invitation to interview.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions. Studies show that people who practice gratitude are more optimistic and happy. Gratitude can also improve sleep and health and lower stress and depression. And it’s easy to practice—it only requires intention and attention. You can write a daily list, share with your family during dinner or pick a routine activity (e.g., brushing your teeth) and use that time to think of things that you’re thankful for. Mix it up with big and small things and try to do it consistently until it becomes a habit (typically 66 days).

I’ve seen firsthand how gratitude can change a person’s outlook and accelerate results. One of our clients Natalie was unexpectedly laid off. She was worried about how she was going to tell her story to future employers, not finding a good opportunity, running out of finances and so on. I asked her to write down all the good things about her current situation as well as her feelings—and share her insights with me.

The exercise immediately shifted her thinking. Natalie knew the company wasn’t the right fit, but admitted she would’ve stayed and suffered had she not been laid off. She now had the opportunity to reflect, become more self-aware and determine what was most important to her. Natalie had more time to volunteer, spend time with friends and family and read. She also got to spend time touring around her city—going to museums, parks, etc.

Her attitude and focus changed from “I’m stressed all the time,” to “I’m excited to see what happens this week.” Her job search went from “no one is calling me back,” to “I’ve been having great conversations!” Within four weeks from the exercise, Natalie had a fantastic offer that matched all of her criteria for a dream job.

When you’re thankful for what you have, you’ll receive more. When you’re grateful for your current job or situation, you’ll attract amazing opportunities. I encourage you to take the time to write down everything you appreciate—not only in your current job, but also in your career. Be proud of how much you’ve learned, the skills you’ve gained and all the great relationships you’ve built over the years.

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