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You have time to do it all!

Recently I read “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think,” by Laura Vanderkam. I confess, I wasn’t very excited to read it. My business coach gave it to me as an assignment AND asked me to track my activities for two weeks.

The stories we tell ourselves

The job search is not for the weary. There are so many ups and downs throughout the journey. The downs are the worst: immediate rejection after submitting an application to a job you know you are perfect for, ghosted after a good phone screen and/or fumbling through an interview you thoroughly prepped for.

Ask for more, get more

Last week we sponsored and attended the Women In Cloud Summit. Now in its second year, it was incredible and inspiring to be around a thousand women and men who support gender diversity in the tech industry. There were so many great conversations and the energy was invigorating.

Can I Do This Job?

One of the most common questions I get from my clients is: Can I get this role? They show me a description of a role they really want. They go line by line and tell me if they’ve done that exact thing or not. They then tally up checks and see how close they are to 100%. And when it’s not close to a perfect score, they tell me why they aren’t likely to get it.

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