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Tips to boost your LinkedIn profile

Tips to boost your LinkedIn profile JULIE CHASE | NOVEMBER 3, 2020 Building or strengthening your professional brand is essential to a successful job search. While the resume still plays a significant role, your LinkedIn (LI) profile is equally, if not more important....

Brinton’s success story

After taking a personal sabbatical, Brinton started his job search. He networked and applied online, but wasn’t getting much traction. Just like with his work, Brinton believed the harder he worked, the better results he’d net. But that wasn’t the case. So he joined our program.

Setting up for success in your new job – part 2

It’s taken us a while to get used to working from home this year, but we’ve acclimated and are doing really well. I continue to see headlines about high productivity and tech companies that are open to more remote workers in a post-COVID world. Of course a fully remote workforce has many challenges including how to set new hires up for success in their new jobs.

Lisa’s journey to greater fulfillment

Lisa spent over 15 years leading business development and operations for a global images and rights representation business. She led large-scale initiatives and teams that helped grow topline revenue and brand awareness. Lisa decided to pursue a new opportunity when the company moved headquarters to another state.

Negotiating the best offer

I rarely hear someone say, “I love to negotiate” or “I excel at negotiating.” Even with experienced leaders including ones who negotiate deals at work, admit they could do better when it comes to their job offer. Whether it’s just a relief to receive the offer or concern that they may offend their future employer, many people leave a good chunk of money on the table.

Lynsay lands her dream job

Lynsay built a successful career as a marketing leader — creating innovative strategies and programs that helped companies grow. While she excelled in her work, Lynsay reached a point where she no longer felt fulfilled. Over time, she found herself on the operations side and not where she truly thrived — on the strategy side.

Acing your interview – part 2

Last month I wrote about how to excel at interview screens in Acing your interview part 1. Hopefully, you applied some of the best practices, passed your screens with flying colors and have been invited to do an interview loop. Since most interviews are now via video calls, I recommend that you read our blog on Acing your video interview. In this article, I’ll share how to set yourself up for success with the interview loop.

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