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Acing your interview part 2

Last month I wrote about how to excel at interview screens in Acing your interview part 1. Hopefully, you applied some of the best practices, passed your screens with flying colors and have been invited to do an interview loop. Since most interviews are now via video calls, I recommend that you read our blog on Acing your video interview. In this article, I’ll share how to set yourself up for success with the interview loop.

Crafting authentic stories

Close your eyes and picture your favorite car. Focus on that car and whatever you do, do not think about a pink elephant. Don’t think of a pink elephant painted on the car or standing on top of it or walking by it. What did you see? I’m guessing you saw a pink elephant (and maybe a car too ; )

Making a strategic career change

Finding a new job is pretty challenging. Making a career change is twice as hard. But sticking to one type of role for an entire career is impossible for most of us. In order to continuously learn and grow, we must stretch ourselves by trying new positions, levels, companies, regions and industries.

Networking from home

While some of you have probably wished to work remotely at one point or another, I’m sure this is not exactly how you imagined it. As we’re adjusting to the new normal, one thing has become abundantly clear — connection is paramount.

Stephanie’s sweet success

Stephanie joined our program after losing her job. She had a challenging experience from the start. Only a month into the job, her role changed and didn’t leverage her expertise. Stephanie was underutilized and unfulfilled. To make matters worse, the corporate culture was not collaborative. It didn’t take long to realize she had made a mistake.

Staying on the path of well-being

This is truly an extraordinary time — and one I never thought would happen. Yet here we are. While I’m often the voice of positivity, it’s been a challenge to not be affected by the wave of fear and panic. Of course some fear is good — we’re wired to fear in order to survive. But there is a pretty thick line between fear that helps and fear that hurts. The way I think about it, is if I start to worry about things I can’t control — I know it’s affecting well-being and it’s time to pivot.

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