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Job search trends have evolved significantly over the past decade. What worked for most people in the past (like submitting applications online), is no longer effective. So it makes sense that job search strategies and best practices have changed.

Derek built a remarkable career in tech helping companies grow their sales and strategic partnerships. He spent the last 10 years leading and managing key partnerships for Adobe’s Digital Experience business — collaborating with sales teams to establish, expand and accelerate new revenue opportunities as well as drive overall partner success.

I often get asked about the most important strategy to land a dream job, which I define as one you’ll love and thrive in. The challenge is there are so many aspects to the job search journey, it’s impossible to pick just one thing. So I’ve curated a list of articles that contain tips, best practices and exercises to help you be successful in your endeavor.

One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting new people and learning what they love to do. Since they’re considering making a move, there’s usually a gap between where they’re at and what they want.

Last month one of our clients landed his dream job. Colin worked at a Fortune 100 tech company for 14 years. During the first 9 years, he had a progressive career — led key initiatives, delivered impressive results and was promoted every other year. However, the last 5 years were stagnant. Colin was given the projects that no one else wanted and weren’t material to the business. Over the last few years, he felt stuck, discouraged and resentful.

I just read Adam Grant’s latest book, Think Again — full of great research and fascinating anecdotes. There are too many takeaways for me to recount, but the biggest key learning for me is to remain open, curious and humble. When we do that, we allow ourselves to try new things — ones that often improve our lives.

Jerry merged his love of data and storytelling into an impressive career. He’s built marketing analytics practices and teams for Fortune 100 tech companies as well as global advertising agencies. Jerry delivers data with actionable insights that have helped shape many companys’ direction and strategy.

I used to humble brag about the number of recruiters who reached out to me (yeah I was that guy). I pursued some, but most of them didn’t go very far because they weren’t interesting or a good fit for me.

For someone who’s taken many risks throughout my life, I don’t love change — especially the kind I can’t control (which just happens to be about 90% of the time). And when it comes to the job search, our clients (even execs) have fears and limiting beliefs on achieving their career goals, networking, asking for help, making a good impression and so on.

Throughout his career, Justin built networking and security products that solved big problems for enterprises. He also had a successful track record of leading cross-functional teams to execute global go-to-market and growth strategies.