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Lynsay built a successful career as a marketing leader — creating innovative strategies and programs that helped companies grow. While she excelled in her work, Lynsay reached a point where she no longer felt fulfilled. Over time, she found herself on the operations side and not where she truly thrived — on the strategy side.

Ben built an extensive career in sales, account management and customer service at a SaaS tech company. He led high performing teams that consistently exceeded goals. He loved his experience there, but was ready for a new challenge.

Christina ran her own video and film production company for nearly two decades. She had a lot of great projects under her belt including documentaries and campaigns for prestigious universities and Fortune 500 companies. But she was missing something — a team. She wanted to join a group of creatives to collaborate on ideas and projects.

Rodolpho had built an extensive career in marketing at a leading global energy management company where he helped lead a digital transformation initiative. After nine years, he felt like it was time for a new challenge. Rodolpho wanted to join a high growth tech company where he could leverage his experience and expertise to make a big impact.

Stephanie joined our program after losing her job. She had a challenging experience from the start. Only a month into the job, her role changed and didn’t leverage her expertise. Stephanie was underutilized and unfulfilled. To make matters worse, the corporate culture was not collaborative. It didn’t take long to realize she had made a mistake.

Senior Program Manager Over a year ago, Malcolm joined our program to find a job where he could grow his career. He built a robust career in and around Microsoft — leading the development of products and programs that helped businesses scale growth. At that point he had been a consultant for a few years […]

Ten years ago, Carrie was in a group online chat hosted by the Vice President of a Fortune 50 tech company. The VP asked her 200+ colleagues, “If you could do anything you want, what would it be?” While most of her colleagues focused on a new process or program within the department, Carrie wrote that “I would work in the gaming division and create educational games that help accelerate learning for children with special needs.” The VP immediately engaged with Carrie and encouraged her to follow her dreams.

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